Looking for a team-oriented professional with experience in project management, customer service, AND who makes a mean milkshake?

Look no further!

“Taylor is a joy to work with each and every day”

-Shaun Ryan

What do you have to lose? (Possibly a lot)

Pin your hopes and dream on the guy who has emerged relatively unscathed from a few concussions and one Thailand urgent care clinic visit in 2013!
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“Taylor never quite learned to pick up his room, but he sure can make a mean milkshake! We sure are proud of him, and also relieved that he is not currently living with us”

– -Taylor’s Mom

Front of House Project Manager with an on time delivery percentage of 99% or higher from 2017-2020

Making milkshakes with the boys at Feast 2019

As a lead trainer for new hires in my department, I’ve helped cultivate a team that is responsible for high customer satisfaction and producing accurate estimates along with ensuring on-time delivery of our projects. I’m entrusted with promoting a culture of self-sufficiency and cheerful, effective customer communication while our department processes dozens of projects per day.

Seven years of customer service experience in technology fields and high-volume environments

From past experience as a Technical Specialist at Apple to my current position as a project manager in a professional setting, I am practiced and familiar with creating promotors and building or repairing relationships with clients and customers. Throughout my time at Apple, I carried an NPS score of 95% or higher and helped educate customers on getting the most out of the technology and services Apple provided each day.

Community-focused, team player

Throughout my personal and professional life, I have been drawn to organizations with a greater sense of purpose running through their culture and workplace. My first professional role started in 2013 with Compassion First, whose work in SE Asia inspired me to join as their first Communications and Internship Coordinator. With Apple, I was part of the initial pilot program for their Volunteer Champion division, planning and organizing volunteer events with dozens of participants. Personally, I am involved in a local CSA and lead a long-running small group that serves our local community on a monthly basis.

Serving families at PFHS

I am also fun to have around

  • Perhaps the world’s first milkshake connoisseur
  • Was starting forward for the Unstoppable Fire Raptors soccer team in elementary school
  • Will drop everything to assist with a crossword puzzle clue
  • Can order dinner in Chinese and sandwiches in Spanish
  • Will take notice of and compliment your haircut